Guide on the game of Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a very popular game for the Android users. Here you will be given three Towers which you will have to protect from your opponent and at the same time you have to destroy the tower of your opponent. The one who can destroy the tower will win the game. As you cannot control the movement of the troop so try to take less time when it comes to destroying the side towers of clash royale.

Basic Clash Royale tips

From the very beginning, you should always concentrate on creating a very balanced mix and keep different types of units. So instead of just concentrating on the strong, you need you should also spend some elixirs on moderate units. Also, pick the one that has the capability of regenerating quickly.

Do not act hastily because even if your tower is getting destroyed, still you should stay calm. As the middle Tower is the main motive here so concentrate on doing that instead not panicking.

When the timer will approach towards the last minute of it throwing away all the units on the battlefield. Just make sure that your King tower and Towers as well protected by your Troops.

Always speak the troops which have the capability of fighting against the air unit units with tower destroyed capacity.

There are many spells which you will begin to unlock after every battle. Make sure to use them properly. There will be a free spell that will help you to freeze the movement of all the opponents and using the spell at the last minute will help you to destroy the opponent easily.

Always pick the cards that will easily fit with your preference for fighting. If your motive is to play aggressively, then you should always buy the troops which can easily move quickly. And if you are using them for the defensive purpose then buy the unit with capability of withstanding huge damages. So it is always about the right mix matching.

Always check the averages of the elixir to figure out the time that your card will need to get down.

You can choose Minions because they are very much strong and you can easily fight the giant skeleton and giants with this troop.

These are the beginning tips to master the game of the Clash Royale hack apk easily. Many more ways are there which you can browse or look for tutorials to get a clear view of this game.