Some of the latest features of Free Fire Battleground

Some of the latest features that have been added to the game have really added feathers to the game. Now players can easily go for the collected uncountable amount of gems. The feature of the Fire Pass Fire Pass is almost open to all players. Now players can collect 10,000 diamonds that worth’s a lot of rewards. There are conditions throughout the game where players can include other players who are interested in playing the game. Some of the new features added are new loadouts like a scanner, zip lines that are only available in the purgatory level.

Players can use the feature of zip line to get around to the newly developed maps more quickly. There is the inclusion of death spectacles and squad reporting. Now in the game, Free Fire Battleground players can easily get with the Guild Glory system that can help to earn Glory to the guilds by playing with the guildmates. Players can also go for expansion of the guild. This will help to expand the size of the guild. Another astonishing feature that is added in this game is the guild leaderboards. Even the customizable surfboards are much in use. There is a recent addition of more number of tires for enabling the players to jump around to different area within the map.

Tricks to know about the controls in Free Fire Battleground

The game is having a lot of features added in the recent times. The game Free Fire Battleground is having the feature of a brand new lobby and a unique store UI so that so the new features can fit in properly. There are added bunch of new kind of background sounds that are really marvelous. The graphics and the animation that are used are simply fabulous and truly amazing. None feature “Desert Eagle has been now removed temporarily for some time.

The most amazing feature that is added in the game is the Death Race. The team squad basically uses the vehicle mode only as it helps to collect the power-ups. The most amazing feature that has got added now is that all the disconnected players can easily reconnect ones again. The feature of vaulting through the window is now easily possible and players really like to utilize the feature in every step of the game. The players are also provided with a customizable backpack on the requirement which can easily be customized if you use a free fire battlegrounds hack apk.