Tips on the farming of clash of Clans

Clash of Clan has been developed by the Supercell and is considered to be one of the most played games. This game has various activities to keep a player hooked up to it for long hours. This is a strategic game so you will have to plan everything properly starting from troops to layout and spending of gems or resources. So here we’re going to tell you how to design the layout properly and on what points you should focus.

A guide to the farming

When you will be buying the troops make sure that you are making a troop that will have both the moderate and strong army. As with every leveling, you will unlock new troops so it will be quite pricey. So if you just buy the troops that are very powerful then it will cost you more and in return, you will get very few troops. In this way, you won’t be able to protect your village, as well as your troops, will fall short when you will be raiding other villages. So it is always a wise decision to keep some mediocre troops in your clan.

With the leveling up every upgradation will need more money and time. The troops that you will deploy on the battleground will not return to the army area.

When you will see an enemy base that will have a huge resource then you will mainly attack that village for gaining the resource. So when you will go on the raid keep the maximum troops near the resource storage so that you can get the maximum.

Always use the beginning troops so that the enemy team will concentrate on killing them and the strongest troops will break the town hall by that time.

Even if you keep series of walls in your base still it won’t help you much. So do not spend on the walls instead keep the strong troops near the town hall or expensive items. Many troops will break the walls with a single splash.

Do not just buy the ground troops but also use the aerial Troops. Ground Troops won’t be able to reach aerial Troops so it can easily destroy The Town Hall from an aerial view.

You can also unlock many spells that will help you to win even the losing game. If you are struggling with gems, try and use a clash of clans hack.


Always place bombs around the main items so that all the enemy will get deployed before reaching the target.

You can also use the wall breakers because the other team will use the walls so breaking it will allow the others, troops, to enter their village.

With leveling up the troops will need more time to upgrade so it is recommended to send them to the training when you will be not using the game. So you can put the troops in training and go to sleep and when you will wake up you will see that all the troops are ready to fight the battle.

When the town hall will get destroyed you will lose the game. So try to keep the Archer Queen or Barbarian King near the town hall.

Keep these points in mind while you are designing the base. When you start the game you will be given a default layout which you can easily change. Make sure not to spend on an unnecessary item and instead buy the troops that can help you to protect the town hall. You can also use the gems for speeding up the training procedure so that you can keep raiding the villages without waiting. You can also use gems for getting more coins or elixirs in return.